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10 Low-Input, High-Yield Ways to Simplify Your Life | At Simple As That


For my husband’s graduate degree, we moved to Indiana.

It wasn’t long before we felt the pull. The tug toward an elevated point of view.

After four years of college on the bench of the Rocky Mountains, we’d gotten used to being able to hike or drive to amazing vista points. But now, we found ourselves surrounded by miles and miles of cornfields, not a hill in sight—much less a mountain.

Always and forever, getting a view will be one of the best ways I know of to simplify my life, because it helps me click my priorities back into place.

Have you noticed how getting a view helps you click your priorities back into place? Read here for 9 more ways to live by your values and keep life SIMPLE. For nine more ways to simplify, check out my most recent post on Simple As That: 10 low-input, high-yield ways to simplify your life

This post is an evolution of a post I wrote six months ago, 52 obtainable ways to simplify your life. Those 52 ways would provide an awesome challenge for the new year: you could choose one per week to focus on. But sometimes we just want the basics. What small changes can I make that will have the biggest impact on my life? These are the BEST I came up with.

So once again, pop over to Simple As That to check out my top 10! Thanks so much for joining me!


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