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Looking for the Golden Side of Summer

The verdict is still out on this whole “summer” thing. I LOVE it in most ways—the weather, the slower mornings, the beach trips, the neighborhood barbecues, and above all else, the homework-free afternoons—but I also miss the predictability of the…

The Hard Work of Self-Discovery | A powerful post about the link between living simply and finding your true self!
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Finding Your True Self | On Becoming Minimalist

“Gladys?” I asked as I unlocked her door and stepped inside her dim apartment. “I’m in bed!” she called. I walked down the hall and turned the corner to see my 85-year-old neighbor roll her eyes in the direction…

Are you looking to do life at a comfortable pace and spend more of your days with the people you love? 52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life
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52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life

I shuttled laundry from one room to another, the theme song of Strawberry Shortcake playing in the background. ♪ Life is sweet, life is good  ♪ Life is anything you want…  ♪ Just believe what I say…  ♪ It’s a beautiful…